Purchase High-Quality Contouring Make Up From Clarins

Purchase High-Quality Contouring Make Up From Clarins

Nothing has made a more significant revolution in the makeup world in the recent past as contouring and highlighting has. With many celebrities using contouring and highlighting techniques to achieve a sleeker, more balanced and ‘contoured’ face, contouring products have taken the beauty world quite by storm. With many choices having diverse applications, you can now get contouring highlighter makeup online of the highest quality from Clarins.

Which parts do contour work on?

While it’s true that contouring is a tad bit more complicated than other types of makeup, the uses and appearances that can be achieved through contouring are diverse. The following areas are the most commonly contoured:

  1. Temple: Defining the temple provides a sleeker and more oval look to the face, preventing the face from looking lifeless and flat.
  2. Nose: Although some people tend to make their noses look super narrow, contouring the nose can dynamically change your appearance and help define it.
  3. Cheekbones: This is the most commonly contoured part of the face and can make your face look sleek and slim.
  4. Jawlines: A defined jawline is no doubt highly coveted. With the right contouring tools, you can define your jawline and add to the balance, shape, and symmetry of the face.
  5. Inner eye corners: This not only makes your nose appear narrower but also makes your eyes look more full.

Apart from this, people also commonly contour the center part of the neck to make it look slimmer and highlight the collarbone to provide a leaner appearance. With Clarins, you can get contouring highlighter makeup online to contour the various parts of the face.

What are the most common products used in contouring?

There are multiple products that people may use while following the contouring technique. It must be remembered that dim lighting or room lighting may result in over application, and therefore, it’s ideal that contouring is done with plenty of natural light or with bright makeup lights.

  1. Primer: For a truly standout contoured effect, it cannot be stressed enough that one must apply a primer. The primer also ensures an even and smooth space for the contouring technique to take effect. For contouring, a matte primer is most ideal.
  2. Foundation: Just as a primer is required, a foundation for the face is also equally important. It will give a clean coverage to the face and a smooth finish ensuring that the contouring can shine brightly!
  3. Contouring Powder: Contouring powder is available in different colors, and the idea is to choose a color that is one or two shades darker than your actual skin shade.
  4. Highlighters & Concealers: For highlighting, it’s the opposite rule from that of a contouring powder. One should pick a shade that is one or two shades lighter than their skin tone.

Various products for application and blending such as blending brushes, contouring brushes, highlighters, and sponges are also ideal investments for those who want to experiment with contouring. Clarins has a phenomenal collection of contouring tools and gets contouring highlighter makeup online; purchase the product directly from the Clarins website.

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